Leadership and Management in action 

Below is an example of what support may look like. After initial discussions, the development of skills with practitioners is modelled and demonstrated within school settings.


Measuring the impact of different systems on learning 

Working in partnership with leaders to provide support programmes

Using data to identify key priorities

Leadership and Management
Having effective leaders at all levels within a school is essential to increasingly build on success and Apex provides excellent packages to support the devlopment of this aspect by helping you to:
  • Develop the role of subject leaders
  • Provide support and programmes for middle leaders
  • Provide tools that will support with strategic leadership of the school (monitoring systems, linking together Teaching & Learning evidence with the School Development Plan and other monitoring systems)
  • Use data to effectively move schools forward by providing clear tools to support the analysis of data to identify key priorities
  • Use data to identify school trends/focus groups and supporting with effective and robust Pupil Progress procedures
  • Analyse Raise On Line and other key documents for benchmark data
  • Provide clear systems and structures for interventions and ways of measuring the impact of them
  • Provide clear structures to embed Pupil Voice throughout the school