Teaching and Learning in action 

Below is an example of what support may look like. After initial discussions, the development of skills with practitioners is modelled and demonstrated within school settings.


Behaviour Management

Understand how children learn

Formative Assessment


Teaching and Learning

Teaching and Learning is at the heart of all schools and Apex provides excellent packages to support the devlopment of this aspect in the following ways by helping you to:
  • Develop and share effective methods and strategies at the heart of Teaching and Learning
  • Implement effective behaviour management strategies to maximise learning
  • Embed Formative Assessessment methods throughout lessons to ensure progress is made throughout lessons (effective marking and feedback, using targets, making Learning outcomes, objectives and purposes clear)
  • Effectively deploy additional adults in classrooms
  • Understand how children learn
  • Create an effective and purposeful classroom environment to maximise the learning experience of children
  • Strengthen teaching by meeting the diverse needs of pupils
  • Plan for possibilities and progress